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Cascina Del Cedro › June 21-22: The siege of Canelli – year 1613

June 21-22: The siege of Canelli – year 1613

assedioSaturday 21 and Sunday 22 June 2014,

As each third weekend in June, in the historic centre of Canelli, one of the most realistic and immersive reconstructions of a battle which saw the entire country opposed to defend your identity.

The old town will come to life, from the late Saturday afternoon, When the central door is closed, with ancient craftsstallsmusiciGames, reconstructions of split of seventeenth-century lifeitinerant theatre. Over two thousand figurants in costume will create the representation on which dominate the facts d’arme: the troops of Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, led by Colonel Camillo Taffini D’acceglio will compete in skirmishes with the enemies of Duke of Nevèrs that will culminate in a night battle in the meadows below theCastello Gancia. The attempted, spectacular, will the Castle fire “night of beleaguered “while in”Hosterie” e “Taverne“it will reflect traditional 17th-century dishes monferrina. Sunday 19 June, After a morning spent looking for the understanding, the troops of the Duke of Savoy, and Mantua will compete in Battle of victory “ Meadows overlooking the Castle Gancia with the spectacular play of Carra, great shot over a cart used to measure and deliver the wine. The “Victory lunch”, the games and the Festival will close the event.

On the streets you will encounter farmers, soldiers and bandits, the noise of the artillery becomes increasingly deafening and the smell of gunpowder fills the lanes.

The entrance to the old town and to the various street demonstrations is free. Entering the fortified city, in order to avoid ending up at the pillory or suffer the worst penalties, It is recommended that you obtain the proper laissez-passer (Tiletto) military authorities released. In these two days you can visit the historical cellars but it is advisable to book, especially for big groups.

In the 1612 Francesco Gonzaga dies, Duke of Mantua who had rights to the Monferrato; at his death he opened countless succession disputes. Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy (the grandfather of the only daughter of the late Duke), for secular interests that defend the House of Savoy had on the Monferrato, decided to resolve disputes with weapons. Began the “war for the succession to the Duchy of Montferrat”. In the 1613 the army of Charles Gonzaga, Duke of Nevers, attacked Cain, located on the border between Savoy and Montferrat. Gonzaga’s troops were unable to break through the garrison to defend the walls thanks to the decisive support of the population and were forced to retire. The Duke of Savoy, for Thanksgiving and to reward the men and women of Canelli behaviour, exempted them for thirty years, with a special Decree, from paying taxes.

Additional information: www.canellieventi.it

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