Cultural visits

Piedmont has been the site of tourism since ancient times. Thermal baths such as those at Acqui were already famous two thousand years ago. And in the Middle Ages, sanctuaries and abbeys were destinations for the international religious tourism represented by pilgrimages along the Via Francigena.

Today there are still countless cultural excursion possibilities around Cascina del Cedro, between Langhe and Monferrato. Not to be missed are the splendid villages rich in history and tradition perched on the hilltops of the Monferrato and the Langhe, amongst churches and castles, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, where one can rediscover the simplicity of things and the harmony of nature.

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Within a relatively short distance there are numerous places of great historical, artistic and cultural interest that can be visited on a day trip.

Canelli, with its four wine cellars dug out of the soft tuff rock known as the Underground Cathedrals, nominated to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Acqui Terme, a spa town since Roman times, where the remains of the ancient baths and the Roman aqueduct can still be seen. Today it is the home of numerous thermal baths.

Asti, the second city of Piedmont art which bears witness to its Roman and medieval splendor.

Alba, known as the capital of the Langhe, where ancient churches and some of the numerous medieval towers that stood proudly above its homes are still preserved, and which encloses within its perimeter an old town maintaining its medieval appearance.

Turin, capital of the Duchy of Savoy since 1563, of the Kingdom of Sardinia since 1720 and then from 1861 to 1865[6] the first capital of Italy, is one of the country’s major university, cultural, tourist and scientific centers. Site of the 2006 Winter Olympics, it is the Italian capital of the automobile industry, and an important center for publishing, telecommunications, cinema, advertising, food and wine, design and sports.

Genoa, with its old town near the port and its wonderful old forts keeping a watchful eye over it from the top of the hills, is a web of ancient places and fascinating modern events.

Lake Maggiore, picturesque and romantic, captivates one with its natural landscapes enhanced by the ingenuity of man.

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